Our company offers the following services:

Document Translation

With an extensive network of over 500 professional and freelance translators, OTS can meet the special requirements of each project and offer services for a wide spectrum of documents.

OTS can deal with various documents such as contracts or agreement, feasibility study report, bidding documents, annual business report, balance sheet, P & L statement, insurance policies and procedures, patents, regulations and standards, scientific and technological materials, company profile, product specifications, users¡¯ guide, training manual, equipment installation manual, technical instructions, instructions of large equipment and production lines, materials for applying visa or notarization, certificates, scripts of film or TV series.

Oral Interpretation

OTS can provide high quality interpretation service for clients and momentarily arrange all kinds of interpreters to meet different requirements of our clients. The interpretation service of OTS enjoys the best reputation in the Chinese market. Our team of interpreters allows you to discuss freely and comfortably in any setting: at a business meeting, around a dining table, at a conference or at social gatherings.
1) General oral interpretation service in living situation: tourist guide, business traveling accompany, etc.;
2) General oral interpretation in working situation: consecutive interpretation in construction site, technological exchange, skill training, and exhibition presentation;
3) Formal meeting interpretation: alternative or consecutive interpretation in formal business negotiation, technical meetings, seminar and forums;
4) Simultaneous Interpretation: simultaneous interpretation in formal business, technical meetings, seminar and forums.


The world is not just a collection of different languages, but also a network of different cultures, attitudes and beliefs. We can help our clients in website localization or globalization and software localization. A real globalization starts by making customers around the world understand your message. We don't just translate; we also help localization as well. Many of our linguists are mother tongue speakers and will desirably translate into their mother tongue. This practice ensures greater accuracy and better customization of needs.

Other Services

1) Companion interpretation for business trip, sightseeing and temporary secretary services;
2) Assistance in organizing conference;
3) Desktop publishing: typing and edition of files written in Chinese or foreign languages;
4) Tutoring of English learning, examination, interview, resume making; ¡°Making your English as good as native Chinese¡±.
5) Training of translation and interpretation;
3) Application of visas for going on business abroad, studying overseas, or touring outside China, etc.

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