Our quotations for services as listed below:

Written Translation
(unit:RMB Yuan per 1000 characters without counting space)

Types of original documents From English
into Chinese
From Chinese
into English
From Foreign Language
into Chinese
From Chinese into Foreign Language
General 100-120 160 180 220
Special 130 200 200 240
Complex 160 240 240 280
Note: The a. m. quotation is just a standard price, and the actual price depends on the difficulty of the documents, concrete requirements and the required delivery time. Urgent service will be charged at 30-50% plus.

Oral Interpretation (unit: RMB Yuan/day per person)

Items English Japanese/German
General activities 400-600 500-1000
Technical exchange and business negotiation 800-1200 900-1500
Medium Meeting 1500-2000 1800-2500
Large International Meeting 2500-4000 3000-5000
Simultaneous Interpretation 6000-8000 8000-1000

1) The working hour is 8 hours/day per person. If overtime is required, the charge will be increased at 100 Yuan per hour for each interpreter. The client will bear all the transporting and accommodation expenses for the interpreter who must go on business with employees of client.
2) Simultaneous interpretation needs at least two interpreters. If a client needs national first-class simultaneous interpreters to provide service, please make appointment two weeks in advance. If overtime work is needed, additional 1000 Yuan/hour/person will be charged.
3) Remember that you may get a poor quality translation for low price! Do not choose a company purely because of the low price they offer. It is far better to choose a company because of the quality it provides.


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